Hi! I’m Oriana.

I’m a health and fitness coach that helps migraineurs get fit without triggering their condition.

I am a health and fitness coach, personal trainer, teacher, student, entrepreneur and a story-teller. I am also a chronic migraineur. I have changed my life with fitness, meditation, supplements, nutrition and an overall obsession with self-improvement. Once I achieved a level of health and contentment, I realized that it was my mission to share what I’d learned with all of those looking for a better way to live. I used to suffer from:

Incapacitating Chronic Migraines
Disordered Eating
Body Dysmorphia

Chronic Back & Neck Pain
Chronic TMJ

Chronic Insomnia
Candida Overgrowth

Through all of the work I’ve done, and ultimately the system for holistic personal growth and progress that I’ve created, I’ve healed myself. I’m proud to say that although I need to stay vigilant to manage my chronic migraine I live a very happy and fulfilled life and I really didn’t think that was possible ten years ago. My message to you is: If I can do it, you can do it.

Introducing my partner Ryan Beers

Ryan is our resident CBD and Cannabis Expert with over 11 years of experience pioneering consumer products in the Hemp and Cannabis Industries. He has helped countless people manage their pain and other issues through the healing power of plant medicine. From US Marines returning from combat with PTSD, to his own grandmother “Nonnie” who developed geriatric epilepsy, Ryan has been relentless in creating the best products to improve the lives of the people around him. He suffered a serious spinal injury from a car accident over 13 years ago. He used plant medicine to help manage his back pain and anxiety, but he still experienced chronic pain. This is despite being put through the medical system and the now-infamous opiate prescription “bandaid” treatment that actually prolonged his pain needlessly for over a decade. He’s proud to have gotten off opioids and improved his overall health and wellness with Oriana’s coaching program.

Together, we are teammates in supporting each other in managing our chronic “issues in our tissues.”

We are not only  business partners,  but life partners and  teammates in health and wellness.  When we got together in 2017, we helped each other in our goals to be pain-free.  As a CBD and cannabis expert, he’s introduced me to the benefits of cannabis and hemp plant medicine for managing my condition. Using my healing strategies, he has been able to successfully:

Completely get off pharmaceuticals and manage his own pain naturally
Improve his posture, fitness and flexibility

Lost 30 pounds with nutrition guidance
Established a twice-daily meditation practice

We understand how chronic pain conditions impact relationships- especially when your pain isn’t visible. We have struggled with being attentive and compassionate to the other, especially when we were in pain of our own. This can breed resentment, anger, disappointment and feelings of isolation in even the healthiest of romantic and business relationships.  Both Ryan and I understand that neglecting relationship health leads to less happiness and poorer health outcomes. We’ve created strategies to help each other manage our mutual “issues in our tissues” and are thrilled to share them with you and the people that surround you. 

Interested in private coaching or learning more? Send us a message