Flexibility: the glue of success

Boy am I tired – and happy. What a wild week it’s been! Moving offices across the country, living situations in total upheaval, negotiating deals and trying to stay OUT of a migraine pain cycle. JUST THIS PAST WEEK. All this craziness has gotten me thinking a lot about the relationship between resilience and success.

Success comes, in part, from flexibility in the face of change. When we talk about living a pain-free life, we often focus on prevention: by building a strong body and mind, you can prevent physical failure, injuries, and pain. Although there’s power in prevention, we often overlook the importance of adaptability in situations where we have little to no control over how life happens and how that impacts us mentally.

Flexibility is defined as the ability to bend without breaking. In our physical body, prevention and reaction are one in the same. By focusing on flexibility, we increase the likelihood that in a moment of trial, our body has the tools to absorb, protect, and recalculate.

Mentally, we often find more difficulty developing and nurturing flexibility. Life changes, plans fall through, people change, accidents happen, and more often than not, we’re left feeling helpless and fearful. Instead of rolling with the tribulations and making a new plan, we shut down and curse the unseen forces for being so unruly. It’s a gut reaction, a biological protection mechanism to keep us out of the unchartered and potentially dangerous territory. The only problem with this is that if we’re constantly avoiding new or unplanned things, we’ll never be able to meet grow or meet our goals.

I’ve found mental flexibility takes preparation. By taking time to meditate, exercise, eat well and spend time with those we love, we build a strong foundation so when those moments of uncertainty come up, we’re ready to leap into action with calm confidence. I’m so grateful to have a partner that says “yes” to adventure at every (very unpredictable) turn.

How do you nurture flexibility in your life? Is fear of change holding yourself back? Are you prepared to seize an opportunity if it knocks on your door? Why or why not?

What is one thing you can do today to move you closer to your goals?

Happy Thursday, lovers!