Shaklee Nutrition

Living an intense and fast-paced lifestyle requires the right nutrition, and I’m proud to say that I’m now a member of the @shakleehq family. The Life Plan – shake plus the Life Strip is the only supplement on the market proven to delay genetic aging via telomere length maintenance – in REAL life with a retrospective study of people who’ve taken them for 20 and 30 years. No one else can claim that.
And I Can’t wait to tell you all about telomeres! If you’re serious about what you put in your body, on your skin, or what you inhale in your home, then #Shaklee is right for you. Message me for info – and LOTS more info on wellness, fitness, nutrition and healthy life/style for the members of the #TILTtribe

I was sold when I took the 30-day challenge with the Life Plan and my acne cleared in 21 days. Beauty is health, stamina, and vitality from the inside out.