My Story

My fitness and wellness journey started in 2012. My life had turned upside down: I was in the middle of a career change and felt sick all the time. I suffered from debilitating stomach pain regardless of the prescriptions and procedures I endured. My breaking point came the day I drove myself to the ER from a gig due to my stomach pain. I remember thinking, “why do I just feel worse and worse no matter what? It’s like I’m being poisoned.” That was my “Aha!” moment – I was poisoning myself. With what? Food.

The next day I started my research on food allergies and nutritional healing, and over the next year I completely transformed my diet and my life. I transitioned to a gluten-free, low-sugar, probiotic-rich, organic diet and over the next 2 years drastically improved my health and wellness.

Once my pain was gone, I could finally focus on my fitness. I was what we call “skinny-fat”: weighing no more than 130 pound on my 5’7” frame, but no muscle tone to speak of. I felt weak and un-athletic. The biggest challenge I faced was three-fold: every exercise method I had tried up until then made my body bigger and bulkier, which was NOT my goal. The methods that I tried that were more cardio-intensive would induce a migraine due to overheating/over-exercise. And lastly my knees, wrists, or back would hurt from too much repetitive motion. I tried many at-home DVD workout including Chalene Extreme, Brazilian But Lift, Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis, Shakeology workout DVDs, and more. I went to hot yoga and pilates plus classes. They all overworked me and left me feeling sick, sore, and starving! The pendulum swung from fit-ish to flabby, time and time again, leaving me feeling worse about myself.

Then I found the Lotte Berk Method of Exercise, in which I learned about her "Tilt Technique." I’ve been practicing the original Lotte Berk "body of work" exclusively since October 2014. The only other exercise I do is an occasional hike and dancing around the house. And let me tell you – my body is bananas!! I can’t believe how much it has changed since October, and frankly, neither can anyone else. And that’s how TILT by Oriana was created. I want to bring this highly effective, fun and safe exercise technique to the world. If it could help me, it could help anyone! The results have not just been that I (finally) love my body, but that my posture is better, my neck and back pain eliminated, no exercise-induced migraine or joint pain, oh and I do it in my living room in my underwear for no more than 25 minutes per day, 5 days per week! All of this, including my diet and personal habits, have lead me to lose those pounds and inches that I never thought would budge.

Let me tell you, that loving your body so much that you prefer to live in a bikini to wearing clothes is just about the BEST feeling you can have – it inspires so much confidence and a sense of accomplishment from all of the work put in. Most importantly, I’ve really learned to love myself through this process – because treating your body like a temple is a practical way to show yourself love.

As an on-air personality, I am on-camera quite a lot – and that’s very motivating to stay in shape! I used to look at celebrity bodies in magazines and think, “Yeah I would look like that if I had a personal trainer and a chef to cook my meals.” But would I? Would you? Money and access don’t buy motivation, that’s up to us. The reason these people look so great is that their livelihood depends on it. Imagine if you couldn’t pay the rent because you got flabby – that’s motivation! So exercise, diet, and wellness become a top priority. Taking care and loving yourself this way on a daily basis provides excellent, long-lasting results. This Is Life Training.

Everyone loves an extreme makeover – it makes for great television! But those extreme measures are rarely maintainable. Human nature and physiology dictate that. But the Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare hides the answers to what we desire: slow and steady wins the race. This is my approach to health, fitness, and overall life satisfaction. Small changes, over time, build into a cumulative masterpiece. If you rush, it rarely works. Another way to look at it has been sung beautifully by Frank Sinatra: “Nice and easy does it, every time.”

So please join me on this journey towards your own happy, healthy, confident dancer’s body! This Is Life Training. If you can master the TILT Technique you can master not only your body but your life. Now I want your success story here instead of mine - because my victories can be yours too.